This site contains a study program that was written by an anonymous student in the Aish HaTorah College of Jewish Studies in the year 1990 for the students of the College. It is a day by day study program to get into the High Holiday season. There have been numerous requests by many people over the years to receive copies of the program so it was decided by the author (and his dedicated web builder) to publish them to the web in its original form.

It should be understood that the direction of the articles were written to beginning and intermediate students from the ages of 18-30 in a Yeshiva setting.


Week One – Waking Up to the Sound of the Shofar

Lesson 1 – How to Prepare for the High Holidays

Lesson 2 – The Opportunity of Elul

Lesson 3 – High Holidays Self Evaluation Quiz

Lesson 4 – The Month of Elul in Jewish History

Lesson 5 – Motivating Yourself to get Started on the Work of Elul

Week Two – Developing And Strengthening Your Relationship with G-d

Lesson 6 – Cleaving to G-d

Lesson 7 – The Greatest Priority

Lesson 8 – Pathways to G-d-Part 1

Lesson 9 – Pathways to G-d-Part 2

Week Three – Teshuva and Selichos

Lesson 10 – Teshuva-A Restoration of Relationship

Lesson 11 – Questions On The Four Steps Of Teshuva

Lesson 12 – The Famous Question

Lesson 13 – Understanding the 13 Attributes of Mercy

Week Four – The Power of Cheshbon (Spiritual Accounting)

Lesson 14 – Understanding Selichos

Lesson 15 – What Do I Do Teshuva On ?

Lesson 16 – Pathways to Chesbone part 1

Lesson 17 – Pathways to Chesbone part 2

Lesson 18 – The Power of Rosh HaShanah

Week Five – Doing Teshuva

Lesson 19 – Understanding the Fast of Gedalia

Lesson 20 – The Ten Days of Teshuvah : Restoring Your Lost Innocence

Week Six – Final Preparations For Yom Kippur

Lesson 21 – The Ten Days of Teshuvah : The Meaning of the Al Chet Confession